Aunt Margie

My almost 102 year old passed away last Monday in Massachusetts. I’ve been traveling every since driven by her spirit.
This morning so was fortunate enough to be invited to speak about her on the radio here in Pioneer Vslley in Northampton. You know oral histories are my specialty. My aunt’s transition brought on a fresh memory
One Ean zFrsncisco Christmas afternoon when I was 12 , I admired the two miniature dolls she received for Christmas. My aunt overheard the discussion and ordered her daughter to give me one of the dolls.
Needless to say, there was much discussion. Our parents soon became engaged pushing aside me and my 10 year old cousin. In the end, my Aunt prevailed. My cousin turned over the roll I no longer wanted.
The Moral: Even when it hurts we must share. Thanks Aunt Margie.
Now do you see why do want to write down all these family stories?



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