COMING SOON! A Waltz in Tennessee

If I could sing, I’d tell Etta James to move over and let me have a round or two of At Last.

Yes, it’s been a long time in coming but the saga of Annalaura Welles, husband John, the white farmer who loves her, Alexander McNaughton, and his long, long suffering wife, Eula Mae, begun in Page from a Tennessee Journal, continues in A Waltz in Tennessee.

The readers of the original novel have been tremendous.  Five years after publication, Page is still selling!  There are so many of you out there wondering about Annalaura’s choice.  Which man does she love, John or Alexander?  Where did she decide to settle–Chicago or an unknown town in Illinois where the white farmer would never think to look for the woman he loves and their child, Dolly.

Would you like a hint about Annalaura’s decisions?  Wild horses couldn’t pry it out of me.  Well, maybe one with a lame leg.  Stay tuned.  In a couple of days I’ll post a hint.

A WALTZ in TENNESSEE:  Coming JUNE 2015 on Amazon.

Buffalo Soldier Streat0006Waltz Front Cover


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