I posted this earlier with no takers.  Still, I think the topic is an important one.  There are writers at all levels up and down the writing scale who long to have someone take a look at their work. 

     While the world of publishing is changing, and more and more unknown writers are being given our chance, at this point we represent only a tiny percentage of all the books out there.

     I started this post because I wanted those authors and their books to have the opportunity of being seen.  A book I’ve read is Matilda’s Song  by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth.  It is a romance and I must admit this is a genre with which I’m not all that familiar.  But for those who enjoy historical romances set in Celtic England, Matilda’s Song is certainly worth a look.  Ms. Ainsworth shines in her attention to detail of that time period.  Give it and others like it a read.

       Okay, let’s hear from other readers.  You must know of a dozen or more smaller press novels out there that are worth a look.



2 Responses to “BOOKS WORTH A LOOK, Part 2”

  1. JoAnn Smith Ainsworth Says:

    Yahoo! I love to hear when someone enjoys my novels. It gives me extra energy to keep writing. My thanks. JoAnn

  2. Lloyd Lofthouse Says:

    The romance genre is one area of publishing that continued to grow sales during the recent crises in publishing due to the changes brought about by the Internet, e-books and Amazon.

    The challenge for published authors is to get their work noticed. More than a million new titles were published in 2009.

    However, with posts like this one, authors such as Ainsworth have a better chance to reach the audience that is waiting to discover them.

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