LAUNCH DAY & Some Interesting Reviews

It’s here.  Or at least Page From a Tennessee Journal will be launched in a few hours–March 16.   Of course I’m feeling the usual excitement of anticipation for the release of my first book.  But I am just as intrigued by some of the comments I’ve read in my reviews. 

        I’m pleased that all the reviews see my four main characters as three-dimensional.  That’s always gratifying to a writer.  I am most intrigued by the reviewers response to Eula Mae–the white wife of the philandering white farmer, Alex McNaughton.  I am torn between gratification at exposing the plight of the betrayed southern white wife during Jim Crow and the surprise that so many had no idea that these women were forced to suppress their feelings.

          During both slavery and Jim Crow when the “master’ took on a “colored” woman as his mistress, the betrayed wife was required to pretend that no such thing could happen.  This, even when the other woman was ensconsed in the wife’s own home–often separated by just a bedroom wall. 

          While I know that this was not a subject spoken out loud, I did think that most of America had an inkling that such things happened.  I’d like to start a dialogue with readers of Page.

   1)  Were you aware that the white wife was supposed to bury her pain if her husband’s infidelities were with a black woman?

      I’m curious.  Thanks.


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