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I’m getting my feet wet in this publishing world, and it feels really good!  I was asked, along with Zetta Elliott, the extremely talented author of A Wish After Midnight, to celebrate Black History month by commenting on the role historical fiction plays in our grasp of     black history.   The questions revolved around:

1.  The import historical fiction has on the American concept of ever-improving race relations in the US.  Does historical fiction support or disrupt?

2.  What do contemporary African American writers owe to our ancestors who cannot speak for themselves? 

3.  What does historical fiction offer the younger African-descended generation?

       Now, I am a woman who’s got lots of thoughts and comments about all of these topics and a bunch more.  I’ve just never had a platform before, and I’m loving it.  You can read my answers, along with Zetta’s at

         I am so excited with this opportunity, Zetta and I have posed more questions to one another.  Stay tuned.  Francine Thomas Howard.


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